Portuguese National Committee for FEANI

c/o Ordem Dos Engenheiros
Av. Antonio Augusto de Aguiar, 3D
1069-030 Lisboa
Tel. : +351 21 313 26 00
Fax : +351 21 313 26 15
Email: comite.nacional@feani.pt


President: Mr. Carlos LOUREIRO

Email: carlos.loureiro@oep.pt



Member Associations



President: Mr. Carlos Mineiro Aires

Secretary General: Mr. Nelson Jerónimo

Av. António Augusto de Aguiar, 3D
1069-030 Lisboa
Tel: + 351 21 313 26 00
Fax: + 351 21 313 26 15
Email: bastonario@oep.pt

Internet Address: www.ordemengenheiros.pt


The Portuguese Engineers Association (Ordem dos Engenheiros) represents top level engineers. It was founded in 1869 as Associação dos Engenheiros Civis Portugueses. In 1936 the Association with the present denomination was created in turn. Present charter dates from 1992 and gives to the Ordem the following powers: it sets national standards for the registration of individual engineers, it is the "competent authority" for the application of the General Directive to top level engineers; it confers the professional title of “Engenheiro”. Internally, the Ordem is organized in twelve areas of Engineering.



President: Eng. Téc. Augusto Ferreira Guedes

Secretary General: Eng. Téc. António Lousada

Praça D. João de Câmara, 19 -2°Dt°
PT-1200-147 Lisboa
Tel. : +351 21 325 63 27
Fax : +351 21 325 63 34
E-mail: cdn@oet.pt
Internet Address: www.oet.pt
APET, Associação Portuguesa de Engenheiros Técnicos, was founded in 1974 in continuation of a previous Grémio (an association founded about one hundred year ago). It represents technical engineers. Currently, a request is being discussed at Government level to give chartered status to APET, similarly to Ordem. APET has an agreement with Conselho Coordenador dos Institutos Superiores Politécnicos to cooperate in the application of the General Directive.

The Portuguese FEANI committee was created in 1993, following an agreement signed between the two above institutions. There is no formal coordination of the two institutions. 

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