Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers KIVI

Prinsessegracht 23, 2514 AP Den Haag

PO Box 30424

NL-2500 GK Den Haag

Tel. : +31 70 391 99 00
Fax : +31 70 391 98 40


Director: Mr. Miguel DELCOUR


Member Association

Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers KIVI

President: Mrs. Joanne MEYBOOM-FERNHOUT

Director: Mr. Miguel DELCOUR

Tel. : +31.70.3919.852
Fax : +31.70.391 98 40

The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers KIVI was founded in 1847. It is the national engineering association of the Netherlands, with professionals of all disciplines of engineering as its members. The association provides a large number of activities for its members, aimed at a continued professional development. KIVI is one of the partners in the accreditation of post-master engineering design education, the others being the technical universities and the Netherlands Council of Employers' Federations. All engineering disciplines are organized as chapters within KIVI.

In the Netherlands the engineering profession is not a regulated one according to the European Communities' Council Directive of 21 December 1988. This means that the engineering association does not hold any formal role according to Dutch legislation.



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