Engjateigur 9
IS-105 Reykjavik
Tel. : +354 5359300
Fax : +354 5359311
Email:  skrifstofa@verktaekni.is

President: Mr. Steindor GUDMUNDSSON

email: stgu@verkis.is

Tel: + 354 422 8490

Secretary General  Mr. Árni B. BJÖRNSSON

email: arni@verktaekni.is


Members Associations

The Association of Chartered Engineers in Iceland

President: Mrs. Svana Helen BJÖRNSDOTTIR

email: svanahb@ru.is

Secretary General: Mr. Árni B.BJÖRNSSON  

email: arni@verktaekni.is


The titles "verkfrædingur" for chartered engineer and "tæknifrædingur". for technical engineer are protected by law in Iceland. Permission to use these titles is granted by the Ministry of Industry to those persons deemed qualified by the individual engineering associations.

Declared number of engineers:
Number of EUR INGs:
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