The Finnish National Committee for FEANI

c/o The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland
Insinööriliitto UIL
Ratavartijankatu 2
FIN-00520 Helsinki


President: Mr. Mikko VALTONEN
Tel. + 358 201 801 801


Secretary General: Mrs. Sari TAUKOJARVI
Tel:  + 358 40 5200 278

Member Associations


Driftingenjörsförbundet i Finland rf

(The Association of Swedish Speaking Engineers in Finland DIFF)

President: Mr Peter LYTZ

Banvaktsgatan 2A,
FIN-00520 Helsingfors
Tel +358 9 47 677 17
Email :

Insinööriliitto IL ry

(Union of Professional Engineers in Finland)

President: Mr Samu SALO

Ratavartijankatu 2
FIN-00520 Helsinki
Tel +358 201 801 801
Fax +358 201 801 880

Tekniikan Akateemiset TEK

(Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK)

President: Mrs Marjo MATIKAINEN
Secretary General: Mr Heikki KAUPPI

Ratavartijankatu 2
FIN-00520 Helsinki
Tel +358 9 2291 21
Fax +358 9 2291 2911

Tekniska Föreningen i Finland rf

(The Engineering Society in Finland TFiF)

President: Mrs. Mikaela RUNEBERG
Secretary General: Mrs Britta SUNDE

Banvaktsgatan 2
FIN-00520 Helsingfors
Tel +358 9 47 677 18
The four member organisations of the Finnish National Committee for FEANI are all independent registered associations (according to Finnish law on associations). These organisations actively give their contribution on planning of education policy, not with the authority of law, but by complying the Finnish law. As the majority of engineers - oth MSc and BSc - are members of the organisations, they have a position to negotiate with government officials and ministers. The organisations are highly appreciated in Finnish society although there is no official regulations on their position.

Declared number of engineers:
Number of EUR INGs:
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