Estonian Association of Engineers

c/o Talinn University of Technology
Ehitajate tee 5, EE-19086 TALLINN
Tel: + 372 6563783

President: Mr. Leo RUMMEL  
Vice President/Secretary General: Mr. Enn KERNER:

Member Associations

Estonian Association of Engineers (EAE) comprises all the major engineering institutions in Estonia, and represents Estonian engineers in the matters of importance to the engineering profession as a whole.

The major institutions, the founder members of the EAE, are:

Estonian Association of Civil Engineers

President: Tiia RUUBEN

Secretary General:
Tammsaare tee 47, EE-11316 Tallinn,
Tel + 372 529 5710
Fax +372 660 4524

Society of Estonian Mechanical Engineers

President: Aigar HERMASTE 

Ehitajate tee 5, EE-19086 Tallinn,
Tel +372 620 3269


In addition, the EAE comprises more specialised societies (e.g. Illuminating Engineering Society, Materials Society) and regional centres of engineers (e.g. in Tartu, Põlva, Põrnu). Some of the major institutions have a hierarchical structure, such as the Institution of Electrical Engineers which has, in turn, four members : Automation Society, Electronics Society, Electrical Power Society, Informatics Society.

Association for Electrical Power Engineering Estonia

President: Ants MOREL

Ehitajate tee5, EE-19086 Tallinn
Tel: +372 6558453

Estonian Mining Society

President: Aire VÄSTRIK

Ehittajate tee 5, EE-19086 Tallinn
Tel +372 668 10 17,

Estonian Society for Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics

President: Jaanus LASS CEngEE
Secretary General: Prof. Kalju MEIGAS CEngEE

Ehitajate tee 5, EE-19086 Tallinn,
Tel +372 620 22 00
Fax +372 620 22 01

Estonian Union of Transportation and Roads

President: Enno PAIKRE, CEng EE

Valgevase 3a, EE-10414 Tallinn
Tel/Fax +372 641 37 99

Põlva Association of Engineers

President: Urmas METS
Secretary General: Lea LEIVO

Metsa 1, EE-63308 Põlva,
Tel +372 5110210 

Estonian Electronics Society

President: Dr. Andres TAKLAJA

Ehitajate tee 5, EE-19086 Tallinn,
Tel +372 620 23 52
Fax +372 620 23 53

Estonian Systems Engineering Society

President: Raul BORKMANN
Secretary General: Jürgo PREDEN

Ehitajate tee 5, EE-19086 Tallinn,
Tel +372 620 21 03 (Secr. Gen)

Estonian Association of Engineers for Heat Engineering

President: Rein KRIIS

Kopli 116, EE-11712 Tallinn
Tel + 372 681 68 90

Tallinn University of Technology

Representative: Toomas RANG

Address: Ehitajate tee 5m EE-19086 Tallinn

Tel + 372 620 21 51
Fax +372 620 21 54

Estonian University of Life Sciences

Representative: Argus ARAK

Address: Kreutzwaldi 1, Tartu 51014

Tel: +372 731 3001

Fax: +372 731 3037



KH Energia-Konsult

Representative: Heino HARAK

Address: Laki 13, EE-12915 Tallinn

Tel: +372 659 8970

Fax: +372 654 6714



All these organisations have been established, or substantially re-organised in the 90's, after Estonia recovered its independence.

The member institutions have delegated to EAE the following areas of activity:

    -  co-ordination of interdisciplinary activities
    -  development and unification of requirements and procedures
        for awarding the title of chartered engineer
    -  co-ordinating and monitoring the functioning of
       Continuing Professional Development
    -  preparing (in co-operation with governmental bodies)
       the legal foundation for the engineering profession
    -  international relations in general problems of the engineering profession

At the same time, all the EAE member organisations are completely autonomous in their particular engineering fields (except the regulations approved by the EAE).

The EAE and its member institutions do not deal with Trade Union type of problems, but concentrate on the professional aspects.


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